Friday, 30 October 2015

Experimental work at AVA Group

Something quite different this week at Art Group. No subject to prepare, just arriving to find that we all had to select pieces of torn up newspaper and magazines to inspire us to paint something. It could be figurative or abstract, the only constraint being that at least one piece of the provided paper had to be stuck down and used as an integral part of the painting.

I think we all had to sit and think for a while after the initial scramble to get the bits of paper we thought would be helpful, but everyone set about the task with enthusiasm. As organisers of the group, Jan and I are always amazed that so many members attend this session, because we know that these sorts of subject is not easy for most of them. What is really lovely about this group of painters is that they are ready to try anything.

Lots of paper, glue and paint later, we put up our results for general inspection, and the results were so rewarding. Interesting, and most unusual, was the fact that non of us could ascribe an artist to a particular painting except for those that had been neighbours during the session. We had all painted something totally away from our usual style, and everyone had been delightfully inventive.
Mine was certainly a world away from my usual style.

I deliberately chose bits of paper with bold lettering, stuck them down onto my sheet of paper, not always the right side up,and used the letters to form parts of the labelling for various pots and bottles.
The only bit that I am really not too happy about is the lettering on the mustard pot.

It was great fun to do, everyone enjoyed the challenge and I am sure we will continue to include our experimental mornings in next years calendar.

ps.....Peter Ward, who is also a member of the group, was taking photos at the end of the session. Keep an eye on his blog where he might post our results, if you want to see what some of the other members produced.


  1. Trabajo muy interesante, gran idea, trataré de ponerla en practica a ver que resulta, felicitaciones

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed looking.

  2. It was a really successful morning for our club members and your bottle painting was fab Yvonne.

    1. Thanks Jan. Yes, it was a great morning. We all seemed to have fun. Glad you like the painting.