Thursday, 5 November 2015

White Roses

Inspired by an unusual amount of roses still in bloom in the garden and before the first frosts spoil them all, I was tempted to paint a simple picture of some white roses. That being said, I was all too soon reminded that roses are never simple!

I started the process with my usual wash of colours on the paper, trying to pick out only the colours that I thought I would be using for the flowers. I was careful to leave a substantial amount of white paper in the middle as the flowers were to be white (although very little of white flowers are actually white!)  I let this dry thoroughly before doing a light but comprehensive drawing of the intended painting. The photo is slightly odd  as so much of my work is done in the evening and therefore photos taken with flash at the end of some stages do seem less than accurate....but I think the idea is clear enough.

Using a very limited palette of Indigo, Moonglow, Pthalo Green and Opera Rose, I painted around the negative shapes between the flowers in the centre of the painting and then partly painted one of the flowers. The only other colours I used at this stage were a little Paynes Grey ( of all things ) and pale Quinachridone Gold for the centre of the rose. I also added a leaf and a couple of stems so that I could begin to judge if the composition was going to be ok.

Lots more of the same as I continued to finish the other flowers. My only concern was the dark are on the right of the painting into which I had drawn the middle rose. I tried to do a little blotting out, and when that was dry, did the best I could to create the rose as if mainly in shadow and merging with the background.
I added a couple more leaves, finished the bud, darkened one side of the stems and decided it was finished.
A very delicate painting, but I was quite pleased with the result, although I am sure that given time I will paint them lots more times in the hope of improving. .
                                                                      'White Roses'
                                      300 gm Fabriano Artistico Rough Extra White Paper


  1. Difficult to paint a white flower, but you did it wonderfully :-)

  2. Thank you Ann, it is lovely to know that you continue to enjoy the posts.

  3. I agree with Ann. Just gorgeous!

  4. Thank you Laura. So glad you enjoyed looking.