Monday, 27 May 2013

Recent Efforts

Despite all the extra work and trying to keep the housework and garden under control I did manage to keep up with the Avon Valley group's programme and I produced a painting each week to fit the programme subject. I have not yet managed to get back to more serious painting, but I do enjoy the diversity of the programme even though it frequently takes me outside my comfort zone!

25th April   'Transport'

2nd May   'Texture in Nature'

9th May   'Tables and Chairs'

16th May   'In the Garden'

23rd May   'Coastal Scene'

Next week is the last formal part of the programme before we break for the summer so that those who wish to, weather permitting, can get outdoors to paint. The subject is 'Wreck or Ruin' Heaven knows what I am going to paint!!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Variety of Approaches 3 :Delphiniums

Here is my final selection of approaches, this time Delphiniums. I have tried endlessly to grow these in my garden, both in the soil and in pots but they continue to elude me. I am however totally fascinated by their majestic form and their beautiful colours. I hope you enjoy looking. By next week I will have finished my stint at the University and hopefully I will be back to painting as normal. Can't wait!!

Watercolour on Paper

Watercolour over crumpled tissue paper

Textured background using salt.

Collage on a painted ground

Plenty of white gouache

The most recent attempt.

Sorry, no titles and no detail of paper paint etc as they have been painted over some time and I never keep a record of that sort of thing unless they have appeared previously on this site.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Variety of Approaches 2 : Hellebores

As promised, the second of my gallery of flower paintings. These flowers never cease to amaze me as they withstand the winter weather and the paintings are so popular at the exhibitions. I am afraid I cannot label the varieties as I simply do not have the labels any more fore those that are in the garden, and I am not sure where I sourced the images for those that I do not grow! What is interesting is that they are all pink, although Hellebores come in other interesting colours.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Variety of Approaches: Roses

During my 4 week stint at the local university as an invigilator, I know that I will have very little time to paint, but I want to keep the blog active during this time. I have decided that it might be interesting to put together a collection of paintings of the same subject, so that it highlights the different approaches that I have used when tackling the same subject, and I hope that it will serve to fill the gap and that you will enjoy looking.  This first one is all about my better 'Rose' paintings and for the following two posts I have chosen 'Hellebores' and 'Delphiniums'


'Rushing Stream'


'Rosa Salvation'

'Spring Roses'

'White Roses'

'Apricot Roses'