Wednesday, 28 October 2015

'AUTUMN' at Avon Valley Artists Group

What a lovely subject this week, Almost every member produced a vibrant and interesting result. It was lovely to look at them all.

I was inspired by a visit to one of our local stores, where I came across a selection of lovely Halloween wreaths made of twigs, leaves and berries. I am not sure how much of the wreaths were artificial but they were certainly beautiful and really sparkling in the sunshine.
I took a few photos on my camera and downloaded them onto my tablet to take with me.

I began by putting some wash onto a lightly sprayed piece of 300gm paper, extra white, being careful to leave dry patches down the centre. I was going to put some delicate greens into the background and I know that green does not readily mix with reds and oranges, so I wanted to keep areas to enable me to paint fresh oranges onto the white paper to keep them as clean as possible.

I allowed the background to dry thoroughly before starting to paint in random berry shapes. I had Transluscent Orange, Azio Orange, Cadmium Yellow and Pyroll Redon the plate, all of which I used to give differences in colour to the berries. I also used a litte Alizarin Crimson to give the plum coloured ones.
When I thought there were enough berries, I darkened very slightly parts of the background, painting negative shapes to produce the leaves and then using Quinachridone Gold, I added a few random twiggy bits .
At this stage I had a good look at the composition and added a few more berries to try to get the composition right, and it was finished. Its all about knowing when to stop with this sort of painting!



                                                                      12ins x 18 ins
                                            Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300gm Rough

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