Friday, 29 July 2016

Painting without drawing

I recently went to a demo by Soraya French and she said the too careful a drawing was very limiting to freedom. She suggested that if you spent ages on a complex drawing, when you came to paint it, you became too afraid to spoil all your efforts, that the process of painting became less spontaneous and hence less free.

I took up this idea and over the last few weeks at AVA I have tried to paint images with no drawing at all. It started with the Bluebell Wood in the previous post and over the next three weeks produced 3 more images with no drawing other than a couple of circles to place the flower heads in the right place. In the poppy painting, I did not even do this.
So all the paintings were straight in with a brush loaded with pigment, to see what I could do.

They are not totally successful, my visual memory is poor and there is very little room for error, but it was liberating, and I will certainly do more.




This will be my last post for about 3-4 weeks as I now have two weeks of hard work getting over 90 paintings ready for my annual exhibition in Wells Cathedral and 2 weeks of being there to man it. I cannot be distracted by painting etc, so it will be quiet until the beginning of September.
Hope you like looking at the images.


  1. They are all beautiful and captivating!

  2. Thank you Linda. What a lovely comment. I am really pleased you enjoyed looking.

  3. You have just reminded me that I did no drawing at all for one of my favorite paintings. I must try that again soon.

  4. Yes, do try it again. It can be very liberating as long as one is prepared for some failures. Happy painting