Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bluebell Wood

Just a quick post. I have been away for a short break and came back with the need to prep something for AVA the following day.
No time for detailed drawings so decided to go a bit abstract/creative.
Sorry there are no pictures of the process, but it is quite simple

I painted a wash onto a piece of Fabriano 300g paper and added a bit of sea salt to start off the texture thing!.
I then diluted some PVA glue and gently covered the paper being careful not to disturb the wash.
I took a piece of good quality tissue paper, crumpled it as tight as possible and then opened it up and gently pulled it to cover the pasted wash.
I then lightly rollered it with a bottle to remove too much air and to create small, shallow but crisp creases.
 I then simply painted my bluebell wood on top, keeping each layer of paint reasonably wet to allow it to run across the creases, but I dried it well before adding another wash on top. It was finally finished with a good splattering of white acrylic gouache as usual.

Apologies to any long-standing readers for repeating the process, but I wanted to quickly add something to the blog to keep it active. Hope you like the result.

                                   Mixed Media, Fabriano Artistico, Extra White 24 x 36cm
                                                                     Bluebell Wood


  1. This is GREAT and inspires me - thank you!

  2. So glad you like it, Margaret. I have over-washed some of the bluebells with a bit of Cobalt blue to make them more like bluebells and not lavender! Think it has improved it

  3. This inspires me also. I will use your technique to try to capture our Northern Michigan woods in the spring when it is covered in white trillium. It is a scene that I love so much, but I've struggled to capture it. Just so much green and tiny white dots. I thin your idea of introducing texture with the tissue paper could be the interesting element I am looking for. Thank you so much for sharing details of your techniques.