Friday, 5 September 2014

Sorrel and Honesty

Along the same back lane where I picked the blackberries for the previous post, there has been lots of sorrel in the hedgerow. When the sun shone it was the most glorious colour and I could not resist clipping a couple of pieces to bring back into the studio.

I also had some new sprigs of honesty, so decided to combine the two, as this would enable me to use lots of my favourite colours.

                                                                  Sorrel And Honesty
                                                      Fabriano Artistico 300g Rough paper

The paints include Indigo, Teal Blue, Paynes Grey, Quinachridone Rust, Transluscent Orange and Yellow Ochre. I also used white Acrylic Gouacheon the honesty and for the splatter.


  1. I have been following for a little while now - your paintings are beautiful, this one is just so very pretty and Autumnal, I love it. Betty

    1. Thank you Betty. Glad you enjoy the posts. When things get back to normal, hopefully there will be a bit more detail.

  2. Una acuarela preciosa, felicitaciones gran trabajo!

  3. Another lovely autumnal painting.

  4. Thank youn Jan. Glad you like it.