Saturday, 23 August 2014


Now that the exhibition and my stint at Invigilation at our local University are over , it has been lovely to have a couple of clear days to pick up a paint brush again. I wanted nothing too complicated or thought provoking, so I picked up a branch of blackberries from the lane down which I walk every day whilst collecting our morning paper and spent a few very happy hours painting the lovely fruit.

I put on a wash of Quinachridone Magenta and Indigo to start with. I left it to dry completely before adding a little Apatite Green Genuine. Adding the green too soon can make the other colours go very dirty.

Without ant more preparation, and no drawing, I painted the fruits with a combination of Quinachridone Purple, Ultra Marine Blue ,and Indigo for the dark fruits and Opera Pink, Qiunachridone Coral, Sap Green and Yelloe Ochre for the unripe fruits.

A bit of splatter and I felt it was finished. One of those paintings where perhaps less is more, and I think lots of white in the background helps to keep it fresh.

It was lovely to be painting again, especially as there will be little chance over the next couple of weeks as I have been called for Jury Service.

                                                                     'Blackberries '
                                                           Cornweall 450g Matt Paper

Now that I see the painting on screen, I think the two pairs of dark fruits are too similar but not sure how I might rectify this. I will give it some thought, but might, in the end, leave it as it is.


  1. Yvonne, this is a beautiful painting.

  2. Thank you Ann. What a lovely comment. I am really pleased you like it.

  3. Delightful.! Still not painting Yvonne.

  4. Thanks Peter. I am so sorry you are still not able to paint. Maybe you could pop in for coffee if you are able to drive. Hope to see you soon.