Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Field of Red

I had such a lovely time creating 'Bluebells Abstract' so I thought I would create a sister painting but of poppies.
The Bluebells gave rise to some debate about the actual flower depicted. There was some suggestion that it was more Hyacinth than Bluebell, so we compromised and I called it 'Field of Blue' ( See blog posted 3rd June 2014 ).Hence the title of this piece....'Field of Red'.

I used exactly the same technique as the previous painting so any details can be seen on the previous post, and I have become a little anxious about repeating myself, since Peter Ward was informed that his blog contained too many pictures and in future he would have to pay to post picture!!! He was then locked out of his site. He is trying to rectify the matter, but it does make me a bit wary of posting all the stages involved in my paintings.
I am sure I have lots still to go, as Peter has been going ages longer than me, and his posts are very picture based, much more than mine, but it does not hurt to be wary. If anyone reading this post has had the same experience we would love to here from you.

Anyway, back to Field of Red. I started by sticking some distressed builders linen scrim to the lower foreground in a slightly circular shape to produce some texture. I attached it to the painting with gesso.
 The background was then painted , using lots of Pyroll Red and Apatite Green Genuine, with other pigments added. I was very careful to let the green dry before adding the red, as if the two colours mix they become very dirty.
I then painted in a few field-like marks, and then using pva medium I stuck down my bits of painted doiley.
I completed the collage with circles cut with a hole punch from the edged of the doiley paper.
I finally added a few green streaks over the red area to give me some stems.

Sorry, the greens on the left look a bit blue, but they are actually very fresh 'new grass' colour. Must be the light when I took the photo!


  1. Beautiful painting and lovely contrast of colours

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Peter. Missed you today. Hope you are ok.

  3. Amazing!!! Love the colours!!

  4. Thanks Eva, I am delighted that you have enjoyed looking. Happy painting!

  5. Too many pictures: Don't worry Yvonne...I had that a couple of years ago with having reached my limit and then had to pay. I read the details about it, turns out I only had to pay (about £3) for loads more storage, then they just take the due sum a year or so later...and yes, only £3 again. I'm quite happy with that, it makes life so much easier and is such a small amount.

  6. Thanks Ann. I think Peter was asked to set up a monthly direct debit which he was not too happy to do. Not sure how he has resolved his problem! I am not there yet but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.