Thursday, 14 November 2013


This weeks AVA group subject was 'Hats, Bags, Shoes'. As we have had this subject on the programme for several seasons, I have exhausted my supply of paintable objects as a still life study, so I decided to try something new.
I liked the idea of painting a person in a hat, but was quite anxious about the face as I do so little of that subject. So I chose to paint the young lady facing away from me, holding her hat against a light breeze maybe and looking out across a landscape.
To make the painting more interesting, I added a large poppy to the hat brim and I made the fields into poppy fields. I thought these two elements nicely linked into the red nail polish.

I did quite a careful drawing as I did not want the hands to look like bunches of bananas, which is so easy to do.
I masked out the stamen area of the poppy on the hat, but that is about all the preparation I did.

I painted all the elements in a traditional watercolour manner, adding a bit of splatter to the poppy fields to hopefully help the illusion along.
At the end I also added some browns to her hair as I realised that my mixture of Anthraquinachridone Blue and Burnt Umber was a little to uniformly 'black'.

For someone who rarely paints figures, I am quite pleased with the result!

Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White
300g  cold pressed paper


  1. Very striking with great colours;

  2. Thanks Peter. It didn't turn out too bad, did it!

  3. Thanks, Larry, for the lovely comment. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. You should be pleased with this it is quite lovely

  5. Thanks Polly. Its lovely to know that you enjoy the posts, Thank you for looking.

  6. Wonderful job! i love the background and the scene.. hugs!

  7. Lovely comment, Thank you Mari Jose. Hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  8. Very cleverly done! A beautiful image!

  9. Thank you Sean. Glad you like it.