Friday, 8 November 2013

Misty Morning

This weeks topic at Avon Valley Artists Group was 'Misty Scene,.....Everything that is possible outside my comfort zone and no time for preparation or pre-drawing, with all that is going on.

I simply picked up my bag of tricks, a block of paper and about 4 photos which had some 'mistiness' about them.
Landscapes do not naturally get me too excited so I take very few photos of my own......I am usually peering over people's front gardens. But I was glad that I keep my resource material reasonably well filed so at least I was able to lay my hands on what few I had, pretty quickly.

I decided on a very simple early morning scene looking across a still lake with very lightly defined trees in the background and a bit more detail in the foreground.

I began with a simple wash, using lots of water and letting the colours merge into horizontal bands across the paper. I tried to keep the centre very light to suggest the emerging sun and you can see where I blotted out a circle with the sun in mind although I did not use it in the end.

I allowed the paper to dry a little and attempted to catch it at that stage when there is still a sheen of dampness on the surface. At this point I added the distant trees and hedgerows, adding a little more paint if the original brushstrokes bled into the wash too much. It was very much trial and error as I do this sort of thing so rarely.

When I was satisfied, I then filled in the foreground with much stronger colours and shapes, and finally stroked diluted white acrylic gouache across the 'mistiness' where water meets land.

I suppose it worked better than I had any right to expect, and some bits like the very pale central horizon and bits of the foreground are ok, but it it too 'chocolate box' for my taste and I think the RH and LH foregrounds are too far apart. I have tried adding a boat and wading birds, but didn't like what I pencilled in, so erased them, although I am sure it needs some point of interest on the water.

A case of need to try harder!!


  1. Well Yvonne for someone who doesn't care too much for landscapes, you did pretty well in my opinion.As regards the foreground..sometimes less is more.

  2. Thanks for the comment Larry. I am glad you like the painting. I may have given the wrong impression in my chat....I really admire artists who paint landscapes, and often visit exhibitions and galleries full of landscapes I wish were mine. Its just that I have so little source material and seem unable mentally to translate what I see into exciting paintings. I just sit there not knowing where to start, so in fact I hardly ever do. At least the weekly group pushes me into having a go from time to time!

  3. A very nice painting but perhaps the right and left hand areas are a little disconnected. I think the right hand background misty trees are great. I wonder if they might have been better just slightly more towards the centre. with something to connect the two areas.

    1. You are absolutely right Peter. Thanks for the comment.