Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Abstract Poppies

I hope any newer followers of my posts will not think they are in the wrong site, but we have 'Abstracts' coming up again  a week on Thursday, so I thought I better start trying to get my head around the idea. and the results are never anything resembling my usual work. It is probably the most difficult subject in the calendar and we all struggle with the idea of painting something that doesn't really look like the starting idea.

I tend to stick to floral inspirations, and paint them so loose that they loose their identity. I have had a go at a field of poppies, trying to get the greens and reds fresh and interesting and have added a bit of the well-used d'oily idea to give it some texture and interest. I thought I had taken a picture of the original wash, but either must be day dreaming or have accidently deleted it, so I am sorry I cannot share that with you.

I do not think my tentative efforts are any threat to those who are professional Abstract Artists, but as I have said so many times, sometimes the end result is less important than having fun with a some paints!

'Poppy Abstract'

If there is any effect in the picture you would like to know more about, please ask.


  1. A favorite flower of mine and I love how it is the addition of the collage bits that are giving the depth of colour and form, a nice abstract to me

    1. Thanks for the comments Lorraine,glad you like it, I do enjoy doing the collage process.

  2. Fantastisch. Frei. Herrlich.
    Grüsse Dich;-)

  3. Yvonne, this piece is wonderful! The texture is fantastic!

  4. Thanks Laura, for your lovely comments. I am glad you like it.

  5. These are just gorgeous. I do love abstract so I will look forward to seeing what you do. I wish I had a group like yours to attend.


  6. I've spent a long time looking at this and eventually decided that it's something of a curate's egg. On the one hand I love the loose washes which seem to me to be both impressionistic and abstract but the other issue for me is the collage additions. When I ask myself what they contribute I can only answer that they produce a dissonance that I cannot resolve for myself. Is their intent a comment on the difference between the natural and manufactured world?

  7. Not sure what to answer Mick. No deep philosophical reasons for what I did, just an attempt to get my head around abstract thinking by trying to meet the concept half way. The collage is there to represent the three-dimentionality of the subject. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for taking so much time to look at the work