Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Before talking about 'Delphiniums' ( although there is not a lot to say ) I thought I would bring you up to date with last weeks abstract. I took on board the various comments from Peter and Mick and a couple of other close friends, and removed as much of the  collage as possible. It was not possible to remove it all, but finally I do not think that is necessarily a bad thing. I strengthened, a little, some of the darker colours  and decided to leave well alone. It now has a mount, and will soon have a frame, and I am reasonably happy with the outcome.

The delphinium painting simply came about because of a ......'what shall I paint today'....moment. The paper is still 'Leonardo' with my usual palette of colours.

I am not sure if the bottom right hand corner is too light, but I will leave it propped up in the studio for a couple of days and then make a decision. But I do like the hint of flowers in the background and hope they help me to get away with two main flower spikes instead of an odd number!!. They seem to work well.


  1. Your abstract is much improved and those races of the doily add an extra element of intrigue and interest. They add to rather than overwhelm the composition.

    The delphiniums exhibit all of those things that are strengths in your work. Lovely. I get the same feeling that you express about the bottom right it seems to need something to create a feeling of balance. The background is excellent.

  2. Thanks for the comments Mick. Still not sure what to do with that bottom corner! A bit loathe to simply add more green. Am determined not to rush into anything, but will keep you in touch.

  3. The abstract is much improved and the Delphiniums are lovely.

  4. Thank you Peter. You were absolutely right about the abstract and I am really glad I took your comments on board. Glad you like the delphiniums.