Saturday, 13 October 2012

Autumn Scene

This was the subject at Avon Valley Artists a couple of weeks ago, and against my usual practise, I decided to paint from imagination.
I had some quite nice props in the studio including teasels, bull rushes, poppy heads etc. and thought one or two of these could be useful.

I started by painting over the whole sheet of paper, to give me the background, and I used some salt to create a few grass shapes within this background, although these became lost in the final composition.

I drew in three teasels on the LH side of the painting and a few grass shapes on the RH side and using lots of the browns,yellow ochre, oranges and reds, I painted in the 'Autumn Field'. I also used a new colour for me, Translucent Orange by Schminke, which again, Peter was generous enough to give me a sample. Although I have been determined not to extend my palette any more, I do think I must have a tube of this colour!!

Since taking the photo, I have extended the stalk of the middle teasel, as in this photo it looks as if two seed heads grow from one stem, and I do not think they do that! I used Fabriano Artistico Extra White paper       ( 35cm x 51cm) so that I could move the background paint around in the initial wash. I also added a few grasses using acrylic inks as they readily cover dark areas.


  1. Very beautiful painting! I love both the composition and the crisp colors.

  2. Thank yo, Blaga, for your nice comments.

  3. oh my Yvonne this is absolutely gorgeous, love it to bits, thank you so much for talking us through your methods with your artwork - I always find that fascinating and so helpful to us that are keen to learn, I can see me coming back for more and more! I haven't painted flowers for some time but they are a subject that I do enjoy painting

  4. Thank you Sharon for your interest in my blog. I am glad that you find my posts interesting and helpful. I will always try to explain my thinking and processes. Happy painting.