Thursday, 10 May 2012

Technical Hitch

I prepared in advance 4 posts to publish during the weeks I have been working, to keep the blog active. I knew I would not have time to post work during this period, I published the first one which is the 'Tissue Paper' post, but it was not the first that I wrote and put into draft. No problem until I came today to publish the second post. As it is lower down in the list of posts, it has published itself BELOW the 'Tissue Paper' post, and not above it, so unless you scroll down, you might not know it is there. I suspect the same will happen with the other two posts. All I can do to help if you want to read all the posts, is to make you aware that there are 4 in all, entitled:

Tissue Paper
Cling Film
Pink Sensation

Untill you have seen all 4 on approximately a weekly basis, you will need to scroll down each time to find the new one. They will hopefully appear in this order. Once all 4 have been published, we should be back to normal! I tried to re arrange the order of the drafts, with no success. If anyone has any idea how to do this, I would be grateful for the info. Hope you enjoy looking each week!


  1. Yvonne, gracias por tus ense├▒anzas. Saludos!

  2. Gracias. Espero que encuentres bien de la 'Film Transparente' seccion, en el marco del 'Papel de Seda' una!