Friday, 18 March 2011


I have been thinking, this week, that I have painted quite a few images just recently, and maybe the time will soon come when I put a second books worth together and have them printed.
My first book came about through a colleague who had put together a beautiful book of the photos taken during a once in a lifetime safari holiday. It was lovely to look at, and a lovely souvenir.
My family live a considerable distance from me, so they are unable to get to my exhibitions, so it seemed like a good way of showing them my best (in my opinion) work. It is also a lovely hands on record of lots of the paintings which are sold - some of which have gone abroad.

I looked at the site she had used and after a few false starts, put together my first book of paintings.

The company I used was ''. I found it reasonably user friendly and being familiar with image manipulation programmes like Adobe Photoshop, any problems were ironed out with a bit of imagination and patience!

It takes you logically through every stage of the process, enabling you to put several images on one page or not, adding text and titles, numbering the pages and creating an index. It even allowed me to place large paintings across a double page spread. The only problem I had was in the editing! It is worth getting someone to proof read the work, as I found that I read what I thought I had written, and not what was  really there.

Blurb also allows you to sell your book from their site and reap the profits!

I was really pleased with the results, and some months later, when invited to a 70th Birthday do, and requiring a gift for someone who seems to have everything, I put together a second book, as an autograph book for the occassion. The front and back covers were two paintings my  friend had bought from me, and inside I wrote a small piece about our friendship and the occassion.
On each of the susequent pages, I put a small version of one of my paintings, leaving space for all her guests to write a few words and sign their name. Everyone was delighted, and I felt that she had a really lovely individual gift. I will certainly think of doing another one, should the occassion arise.

Maybe my next book should include a much wider selection of paintings, not just the florals, as I seem to be doing lots of other stuff at the moment, not least because of the compulsory nature the programme at the group to which I belong.


  1. I've seen Yvonne's book and it is a splendid production with many beautiful paintings, including some superb animal studies in pastel. A great idea to have one produced if you can manage the process involved! Very professional looking.

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    1. I am really sorry if I gave the wrong impression, Dianna. The books I produced were only ever intended for my personal use. I had enough made just to give to people like my mother and sister, and I kept one for myself. I only produced two of the second book as well. just for my records and just one for the special occassion. I believe that I can offer the book(s) for sale on, but I never agreed to this as I never thought they would have any public appeal. I wrote the blog with the intention of suggesting a method of keeping track of ones paintings and it makes a nice addition to my coffee table. I will go into and see what needs to happen to allow the book to be sold to the public and get back to you. Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work.

  3. I tried looking for your two books on Amazon, and had no luck. Can you please please provide us with an ISBN #.

  4. Further to my previous comments, Dianne, I have been into Blurb and allowed my book to be published on Amazon for a limited period, but I am totally horrified at their price structure, I cannot believe anyone will pay so much for such a limited amateur (full of editorial mistakes!) publication. However, it is done now, and they will send me an ISBN number within the next 7 days. It will be under 'Arts and Photography' with the key words 'Flower Paintings' PLEASE remember, I do not set the costs, the book was produced just for my records and there is no profit for me in it. Maybe being an American company has something to do with it. At least you will be able to have a look inside the book if you can find it. Remember it may take up to 7 days to be listed. Thank you once again for your interest and please keep in touch