Sunday, 26 February 2017


This past two weeks, it is the first time at Avon Valley Artist's group that we have given over two weeks to the same subject. The thinking behind this was that members might like to tackle something more complex and work at it over the two sessions. The subject was 'Interiors'
I find this quite difficult as I need continuity with my painting. Once I am started I tend to work at least daily on the piece. That way I seem better able to keep in my mind the thinking behind what I am doing. That sounds a bit strange, but I work better that way. At AVA I am also used to doing the prep at home and more or less finishing the piece during the single session.
This was not a problem for the group, as we agreed that once a member had painted an interior, they could either chose to do a second one. or they could have a free choice of subject.
I chose to paint two separate images.

The first of these is the corner of my guest bedroom. I love the chest of drawers and wanted to see if I could render the wood interestingly. The still life objects on top were bits I collected around the house.
The second week I painted the still life with enough background.....the tablecloth and painting on the wall fulfil the 'Interiors' bit .
I am much more pleased with the second one. The weak areas of the Bedroom painting are numerous and I am not sure that compositionally, the painting is very interesting.
The still life pleases me more. The doiley works well, and was done by simply stencilling a doiley onto the background. The only problem was getting the shape correct where it went over the top of the table. Where the paint seeped under the paper doiley, I left it as it seemed to make it looser and less contrived.
Painting the flowers and fruit was much more within my comfort zone and I enjoyed the process.

The thing that really puzzles me, and sometimes frustrates me, is the way in which these sorts of subject lead me to paint in a much more realistic and less fluid way. I cannot work out why I cannot paint these subjects in the same loose way that I paint my flower paintings.

A recent example is these lovely foxgloves that I did in the studio recently.

Despite all these frustrations with certain subjects on the group calendar, I would not change the system, as the compulsory topics push us all to attempt subjects well outside all our comfort zones and the results are often unexpected and sometimes stunning. It is a real pleasure to paint with a group of enthusiastic and talented painters!


  1. Beautiful! What a blessing to have a group to meet with.

  2. Thank you Laura for taking an interest in my post. Yes, I am very lucky to work with members of the group. They are lovely people.

  3. wonderful this drawers, the painting is very interestingand the painting the flowers and fruit.
    I love your this Picture.
    This flower picture is your own style and therefore it will always be better for you to paint as the other. I think everything is great, do not be too critical with you!
    Enjoy the painting
    Greetings Elke

  4. Hi Elke, thank you for the comments. I am so pleased you like the work.
    I am not too critical of myself, just find it puzzling that I do not always paint in the same style.
    I will always keep trying!

  5. I like the way you've done the plate and covered pot in the first painting. I have NEVER been able to do a successful interior. You have given me encouragement to try again, thanks.

  6. So pleased you like the work, and like you, am very uncomfortable with interiors. Its the good thing about the group I belong to.....forced to paint outside the comfort zone. I am delighted that my painting has inspired you to try again

  7. I appreciate someone who looks with a critical/curious eye at their own work. The beauty is that others dont have the same expectation of your work as you do. Your interiors are lovely. I really like the second one with tulips. And i really like the painting with tulips in the previous post.

    1. Thank you Jane. I suspect most of us painters are not really satisfied with lots of our work!

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  10. Thank you. I am always proud of how good the exhibition looks. I am very honoured to be given the space.

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