Friday, 8 April 2016

Apricot Iris


I started painting this Iris with the intention of making it dark purple on an even darker background.
I started with a very careful drawing and began the painting with the background.
I was really disappointed and thought that the whole concept would not work, and so abandoned the project.
Hence no photos of the process......Sorry!

However, the drawing was complex and had taken for ever to do, so I thought I would try to at least produce something for the 'Bargain Browser' at my exhibition in August. It would save wasting the paper and might even make a bob or two!!

I changed the colour of the Iris, kept lots of white for the highlights and persevered to the end.

What a surprise, I am quite pleased with the finished result and I think it is worthy of a frame, which is good as I have a number of exhibitions this spring and am conscious that I still need the best part of 60-70 framed paintings for the Cathedral.

Hope you all enjoy looking.

As an update to the intellectual copyright of my painting and the embroidery kits, I have received a number of e mails about how the images came about on the wall in Cologne and how the catalogue was produced (Not sure how much of it I really believe!) and they offered to buy the copyright for three years, without any offer of compensation for their mistakes. The sum they offered was really paltry and I have refused, and told them in no uncertain terms that my work is never to be used for anything within their company in future.
I am awaiting their reply.

Any further news, and I will keep the post up dated


  1. Thank you. I am pleased it works for daughter was not quite sure.