Friday, 12 February 2016

Topics at Avon Valley Artists group

I am really lucky to paint with this group, as there is a set programme for each week, and the topics push us all to paint well outside our comfort zone.
The topics are fairly loose in nature so that interpretation is up to the individual, and it always produces a lovely range of ideas and final outcomes.
We all display our work at the end and have an often lively but very supportive discussions about our work, and we are able to ask questions of each other, and gain a lot from this friendly and informal forum.

As my blog has been quiet for a while, due to pressures of other types of painting and decorating, I thought I would share with you the outcomes of some recent topics at AVA which do not involve flowers.
Hopefully, quite soon,  I will get back to my descriptive posts about my favourite flower subjects.

I hope you enjoy looking.

                                                                     Limited Palette

                                    ( I used newspaper as a collage background before painting)


                                                               Food and /or Cooking

                                       People or Portrait (it was the hat that tempted me!)


                                                                            Roof Tops

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  1. Wow, all the artists work look really good, remember when I was kid and using wate color I was making mess. These are so much neat paintings, thansk for sharing it