Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Playing with Texture

Every now and then, I have this urge to break away from the norm and try something new. I use the Avon Valley Artists group as a time to try out these new things, not least because I respect their comments, both positive and negative (in the nicest possible way!)

The studio is completely upside down, undergoing a major restructure, so it was a case of whatever I could lay my hands on, and as the subject was 'Flowers', too much resource material was not required.

I used a piece of heavy paper as I felt there was going to be lots of water involved, and I collected scrim, gesso, gauze, and cling film to provide the textural imput.

I pasted the scrim, gauze and gesso onto the paper, especially on the LH side of the sheet, and when they had dried, I washed over the paper in three distinct bands of colour, and covered it with cling film, pulled into vaguely stem shapes.
 I left the whole thing to dry over night.

I lightly sketched  a stem of foxgloves in the central gap, but became aware that if I continued in this way, I was in danger of producing a 'copy' of a well known artists piece of work
I'm not sure how this came about; maybe I had seen the piece recently and subconsciously been influenced by it.
Anyway, I changed the flowers to simple daisy shapes and painted these the paper in a freehand way.

I kept adding the flowers until I felt the balance was right, and added the centres and a good deal of splatter, and it was time to finish. Not my finest hour, but an interesting exercise, and as usual, lots of fun to do.


  1. Yvonne, I enjoy the happy array of color. And it does the creative soul good to try new things. It can be inspiring. I like your painting.
    (What do you think? How would the painting change if you added a soft pink flower that went off the painting on the right into the white and yellow?)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments. Maybe you are right about another pale flower, but I am sure this would change the dynamics of the column-like composition. Always lovely to have feedback.

  2. There were some very interesting textures in this painting (which don't show up up too well here) making a good contrast to delicate flowers.