Saturday, 14 June 2014

Catching Up : The Squiggle and The Poppies

There has been quite a bit of upheaval over the past two weeks. I have been having work done on the kitchen and decided that this was just the right time to clear out and clean the kitchen cupboards. What a lot of gadgets we can acquire and then never use! They have all gone in the bin. Space is limited so I cannot be too fussy. Hence, no time for painting except at AVA.
We had the final session of the compulsory calendar, which is always a fun week. We are presented with a couple of squiggles, drawn by one of our members grandchildren and we have to choose one and create a painting or drawing. Our members really enjoy this session and it always produces lots of really creative ideas.
My choice looked like this.......

There were quite a few birds from this shape, but I chose to rotate the drawing through 90 degrees. The drawing has to be faithfully copied onto a piece of appropriate paper but it can be enlarged or reduced as desired. From this shape, I produced the following painting which I am quite pleased with.

The first week of the summer session, with freedom of choice, I was back to painting flowers. The Opium Poppies were out in the garden and so I took some photos ( I have never cut them to bring indoors so do not know if they would last long enough!) and had a go at painting them fairly loosely. I think they work reasonably well, but I would have liked the reds to be a bit fresher.

Its great to have a set programme as it takes us out of our comfort zone, but it is lovely to look forward to the summer months where we can experiment and enjoy our own special loves.


  1. Hermosos trabajos, los colores vibrantes y las transparencias dieron forma a unas acuarelas estupendas.

  2. Thank you, Beatriz. What a lovely comment!

  3. I love the blackberries. What a great idea.

  4. Thanks, Carol. The subject is great fun and working out what to do is lovely. Glad you like it.