Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Stormy Day

With so little time at the moment, with the garden like a jungle and accounts to be brought up to date, and paintings to frame for our coming exhibitions, there has been little time for painting. My only output, therefore has been what came out of the AVA programme this week.'Stormy Day ' is once again well outside my comfort zone, but as I haven't painted skies for a long time, it was the moment to give it a go. I used a piece of 300lb  Leonardo paper to allow for plenty of water.

I did a very simple drawing of a skyline of simple buildings and trees, keeping them very low in the frame and then simply adding the hills and sky, trying to make the clouds look threatening and the hills receding.
As a final touch, I fulled some of the approaching black clouds down to give the impression that it had begun to rain in the distance. This was perhaps a mistake!

                                                                'Approaching Storm'
                                                watercolour on 300lb Leonardo paper
                                                                     25cm x 15cm


  1. A really dramatic sky, full of action. Love the hint of mauve on the distant hills, also the lighter clouds - perhaps a promise of better weather once the storm has passed :D)

  2. Thank you, Susan. I struggle a bit with this sort of subject so I am doubly pleased that it works for you.