Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Interiors: Avon Valley Artists Group

Last week at AVA we were all asked to paint something which represented an interior. There were lots of different ideas including a portrait of someone sat in a corner, and lots of cushions on sofas as well as various still lifes. As usual, a selection can be seen on Peter's blog site.
I chosed to paint a still life on a table with a lace cloth.
I really enjoyed it, but it was Jan who suggested a very dark background in the upper part of the painting. There was some question asked about whether it was too dark, but I think it works for me. The near black is a great foil for the jug and lemon and cloth.

                                                                    Interior Still Life : 
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  1. This is very striking. It's the dark against the light that makes it exciting

  2. Thanks Polly. It is good to do something really striking as I seldom get this effect with the florals. Glad you like it.

  3. I agree with Polly, very striking and love the dark background.

  4. Thanks Jan for the nice comment and for advice on the background!