Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer Meadow 2

At AVA we are back to the formal part of the programme and this weeks compulsory subject was 'Landscapes'

Still in experimental mode from the summer sessions I opted to have another go at a painting/collage of my interpretation of 'A Summer Meadow' My previous effort can be seen on one of my previous posts published on 14th July 2012.

I approached it in exactly the same way. I painted a background of vaguely landscape colours across a piece of paper and let it dry completely.

I then took a slightly larger sheet of tissue paper, wrinkled it up slightly and then pasted it shiny side down onto the painted background. I rollered it well with a horizontal bottle to press creases firmly into the paper and to make sure it was well stuck to the background.This produced a lovely background texture.

I then painted various colours onto the tissue paper, strengthening the sky with Cobalt Blue, and adding greens and browns to the foreground.
When these were dry, I used my favourite doilies to create a wild flower meadow. ( For more info on the doiley business see my post of 23rd June of this year) . I finally finished the piece by attaching small circles of bright painted paper, cut into circles using a hole punch. A good splattering of white acrylic gouache and the job seemed done.

Will live with it for a few days, but do not think much will get added.


                                             Fabriano Artistico Extra White Rough 300g paper

                                                        35cm x 25cm  Mixed Media

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