Friday, 16 August 2013

Blue Daisies/ Pink Hydrangeas

Time for a gentle easing back into painting after the exhibition. At AVA group on Thursday I took a couple of paintings with me that I thought I might finish, one which I was quite pleased with, and one that I thought I might not be able to save!

Sorry there are no progress photos for the daisy painting, but I share it with you in the hope that you enjoy looking and may find something of interest in the techniques used. In this painting, seeing it on screen I may add a bit more shadow around the edges of the yellow centres to improve the 3D aspects.

 'Blue Daisies'   Watercolour on
Fabriano Artistico Extra White, 300g Rough

I was already concerned about the quality of the initial wash at this stage, a bit anxious that I had added too much acrylic gouache and the whole thing seemed a bit 'milky' in colour. I did, however persevere in the hope that it might come good, but there is still something about the clarity of the painting (not totally obvious in the reproduction and seen with the light of the pc showing through) with which I am not too pleased.

'Pink Hydrangeas'
Watercolour on Fabriano Extra White
300g Rough


  1. Beautiful color transitions! Love watching your work.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment Irma.....I am so pleased you enjoy the posts.

  3. Both very good. Great colours.

  4. Thanks Peter. Am enjoying the lack of programme at AVA and lovely to see you painting again.

  5. Thank you Linda. I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of regular painting, so am especially pleased that you have enjoyed the paintings.