Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rose Hips

Since my last painting, life has been a bit hectic, but I did want to produce something half reasonable after the less than successful experimental work . Because it has been so busy, I am afraid I did not take the time to photograph the various stages. I will try to give a brief outline of how I proceeded.

I began with the background colours except the bright red in the middle. I needed this to be as clean as possible so avoided adding it to the initial wash. When I was satisfied with the initial was, remembering that it would dry considerably lighter, I covered the wet paint, (Indigo, Apatite Green Genuine, Quinachridone Rust and Cadmium Yellow ) with a well crumpled sheet of cling film.
I allowed it to dry completely and then added the passage of Pyroll Red through the middle. Again, I allowed it to dry.

I then simply used the shapes created by the cling film to paint in the hips and the leaves, varying the amount of colour as much as possible to create some depth in the painting. I did try to wash out a little the lower edge of the red wash, but it is such a staining pigment, that I had little success. I will have to live with it.


  1. Such a beautiful painting Yvonne. Nice to know the stages of your painting and the colours you used, which have such great names ツ

  2. Thanks Ann. Yes they do have enticing names.....I just wish they were not getting so expensive. Perhaps that is an age thing!!

  3. This is a gorgeous painting. I am sorry I have not posted about all of your great work but I have been swamped at work. I admire your watercolors. Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks so much for a lovely comment. As long as you enjoy looking, do not worry about commenting whilst you are so busy. Hope it settles down for you a bit.

  4. Wow!Your works are always very dramatic.
    I love red.It makes me happy.

  5. Thank you Midori, what a lovely comment. I love red too, but it can be a difficult colour to handle. So often it goes muddy in the shadows!

  6. Lovely colours - another winner!

  7. Thank you Peter. Hope you soon feel more like painting again!