Sunday, 4 November 2012


Not my cup of tea, but it was AVA subject of the week so I had to get down to it. I am a great admirer of John Lidzey's work, so I had a quick look at his technique and had a go at a corner of my dining room. He paints lots of dark interiors with light coming through a well placed window. I did not have a window, but I tried to make the objects stand out against dark corners. It may not be the most successful painting, but although it took me a couple of hours to do the drawing, I did enjoy painting it!

Sorry, I have no information about the paper as it was a piece I found in the cupboard which needed using up!


  1. So different to your recent work. I don't get an accurate feel of where the light is coming from but it is full of really lovely colour moments. An interesting genre to investigate as your floral technique lends itself to depicting this sort of subject matter.

  2. It is different Mick, and I am struggling as its not my thing at all and except under duress, I would never dream of painting such a subject. Club topics, however, are compulsory so I just get on with it!
    There is a patio door to the left of the bureau, but the corner is very dark, and I took a photo at a funny time of day, so am not surprised its confusing.
    Doing something different does stretch one, but don't expect to see too many interiors in the future! Thanks for the comments

  3. A nice work. The flowers and table are particularly good.

  4. Thanks Peter, I am glad there is a small section to redeem the whole. Not one of my best, but like you, ........its warts and all!