Thursday, 13 September 2012


I am not having too good a week at the moment. I started a large-ish painting using the Leonardo paper I have just bought, and although lots of successful artists use it all the time, I actually hate it. I have not got on with it at all, and the painting of sunflowers is sitting looking at me reproachfully in the studio, because I do need to finish it to see if I can get it back to anything half decent. More of that in another post when it is finished, and I will talk about why I find the paper so difficult to work on.

Then, the topic at Art today was 'Transport'. Not my thing at all, and I know the subject should not matter......all images are just a series of shapes and we should be able to treat them all in the same way. But I felt like a foreigner in a strange country, not speaking the language.....I just did not know what to do.

In the end I did enjoy the session, because I spent ages prior to the session doing as good a drawing as I could, so at least I had that under my belt.

 Not one to make things easy for myself, it was a bit complex but at least I thought it an interesting subject!

  Glad I tackled the drawing before the group meeting, it took me simply ages to get right.

The finished painting. It looks a bit pale here, think that might be the photo. I used 'Cornwall' paper which has quite a nice regular texture for this type of subject.


  1. With all the effort of doing the drawing, you have achieved a lovely painting. It has such a fresh feel.

  2. Thanks Ann, I am glad that it was all worthwhile, I am sure we all need to keep tackling subjects outside our comfort zone to make progress.

  3. While some of us grumble (!) at some AVA subjects it is a very worthwhile exercise as we tackle things we wouldn't dream of doing normally. This is one example.

  4. You are absolutely right Peter, and as I said in the post, I actually enjoyed the session, and was glad I had tackled it. It just takes a bit of getting back into a formal programme after a summer of freedom!

  5. Interesting to see you tackling a subject so different to your usual choice. You still manage to pull off a first rate composition and accomplished painting.

  6. Thanks Mike. The three of us who run the group on Thursdays firmly believe that having a compulsory subject is a) one way to keep the group interesting and members interested and b) we think it makes a real contribution to the good standard our members achieve......however it is hard sometimes to work outside one's comfort zone!