Friday, 13 April 2012

Something Sweet

I am not sure that I should be posting this week's Art Group result. It falls into the category of ....lots of fun but a bit of a waste of materials......maybe!
The topic was 'Sweets, Cakes, Biscuits'
On arrival, it was clear that the school holidays were having an effect on the membership and we were only a dozen present. It was also clear that cup cakes and Bassets Allsorts were playing a big part in the mornings proceedings (not together of course).
I had already done a drawing of a small cascade of sweets, so was not in a position to change my mind, not that I really wanted to, anyway. I put plenty of wash on the background as usual and then painted in the sweets. This was as far as I got in the 2 hours that wqere we together.
Once home I realised that I could not leave it as it was. All the sweets were floating in a coloured background without anything to anchor them down.
A bit of thought and I decided to black line a grid on the paper, loosely linked to the edges of the sweets, and then using indian ink, I tried to create a semi-abstract board game effect. The finished result seems quite good fun, and if I was clever, I would be able to think up some appropriate witty title to go with it. Sorry, not my forte! So its simply 'All Sorts of Fun' Hope it makes you smile.

                                             Painted on my usual size of Fabriano Artistico
                                                                     Extra White


  1. I was one of the missing this week due to grand parenting duties. I love Bassetts Allsorts so it's just as well I wasn't there - I'd want to eat them. Seriously though this is very good. The comfort zone is coming under attack!

  2. Thanks Peter, we missed your imput. Glad you like the painting, these sorts of subjects can be tricky trying to find something a bit different to do!