Thursday, 22 March 2012

Collage : Delphiniums

Time for another attempt at the mixed media method. This time the flowers were to be Delphiniums. I say Delphiniums in the loosest sense as the finished painting will only be a very vague representation of the actual flowers. I did want something with lots of little flowers this time, to see if they had the same possibilities as the bigger blooms.
The system was exactly the same as for the 'Daisies ( post before last ) so I set about painting the background first, to use similar colours to the flower colours that I was going to use. Whilst the paint was still wet, I added salt in spire-like shapes to reflect the flower spikes. This was then put aside to dry.

I used a number of colours for the background including Ultramarine Pink, Quinachridone Violet, Apatite Green, Quinachridone Rust and Pthalo Blue, These are mainly Daniel Smith or Graham paints. The paper is my usual Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300g.
I then took a second piece of paper, a bit of a cheaper brand -Centenaire Not 300g- because lots of it gets cut away and thrown out! This time I used the flower colours, many similar to the background colours, but trying to be very delicate.

When both pieces were completely dry, (the above looks much more blue than the actual painting. I am not sure why the camera overstated that colour) I drew flower shapes onto the Centenaire paper, trying to use the areas of colour which pleased me most. Having done that, I then had to carefully cut around the blooms, leaving some as spikes and then cutting around some separate flowers to scatter into the painting.
Using PVA glue, I stuck the flower spikes and the individual flowers onto the background and patiently held them down until they stayed flat. Again, a wait for them to dry, and then I was able to paint some detail into the flowers, add some darks to the central background and finally lightly paint in a couple of leaves.Hope You enjoy looking!

                                                    'Delphiniums'      (40cm x 30cm)

                                                   'Delphiniums'   (detail)


  1. It looks great! What an interesting effect!

  2. Thanks Judy. I am trying to develop a bit more modern/abstract approach to my work, as I want to move on a bit.... but it doesn't always work. Still, its only a piece of paper! In this instance I am very happy with the result

  3. Wow! These paintings certainly show your talent (and potential) Yvonne. Possibly some stronger colour in places?

  4. Thanks Peter for always being so supportive. I wanted this one to be quite soft, so avoided too much strong colour. The blues at the top of the painting are fairly powerfu, and reflected in the intensity of the blue and pink mid-painting, but there's just not a lot of them. Glad you like it.