Saturday, 9 April 2011

Summer's Comming

This week's club subject was 'Village Fete'. One of those subjects where I do not think I could get away with painting a pot of flowers, so it was a case of looking for something that avoided people, animals and too many  buildings. Although I do accept that this sort of compulsory programme does take you out of your comfort zone and pushes you in to subjects that you would normally avoid like the plague.
Found this picture in the google images library, and as an ex textiles teacher with an interest in pattern and design, thought it had great shape and colour. Was undecided about whether to mask out the ribbons before painting the sky, but in the end went for careful painting of each section, remembering to blot out the clouds in such a way as they continued behind the ribbons. Think it works ok, so thanks to whoever took the photo, no name was given so I cannot acknowledge the original 'artist'.

Such lovely weather sent me out into the garden this weekend, and we have a lovely Lilac tree in flower at the moment, The colour and perfume are lovely at this time of year as they promise lots of floral goodies to come as the weather warms up.
For someone who paints flowers as often as I do, I never really feel intimidated by a floral subject, but these blooms were really something else. I have talked before about what to put in and what to leave out in a previous blog, which is a challenge in itself. Add to that, really bright warm sunshine and a good breeze, so that nothing stays wet long enough to get a decent wash, and I wished I'd never started. I did keep going, as I have fond memories of Lilac, as it was the subject of the first painting I ever sold above club level, and I remember how it felt to know that a total stranger wanted to live with one of my paintings.....heady stuff! It will not get framed, but I might put a mount around it to include in the 'bargain' browser!


  1. Love these two watercolor paintings!

  2. Thanks, Soupart. Had to look back at the blog to find which one had this title. Thankyou for looking. Hope you find other things to interest you